With one Billion User, Whats-app is the one of the most used Chatting APP in the Market.

What is Whatsapp

The powerful messenger WhatsApp was initially released on January 2009 after only 4 months of the initial release of the Android operating system, and from the beginning they stuck together, WhatsApp became some sort of an official IM app for Android, and it succeeded continuously in providing the best and the most easy user interface friendliness specially in the Android universe. So we are here to help you Download Whatsapp APK.

From the start WhatsApp grabbed the attention of millions of users with the phone number registry system, which turned out to be a huge advantage over other IM apps, all your phone book contacts that have WhatsApp on their phones appear automatically on your app ready to chat with text or voice and now even with video, this simple integration is what made WhatsApp’s huge success. With WhatsApp you can send and receive photos, videos, audio files, locations, contact info, and documents, and you can also record videos/audio files or take pictures from right within the app itself. Offline messages are also available and when the receiver read your message you get a “blue check mark” as a notification. Group chat is very easy and fun way to stay in contact with all your freinds and family.


Whatsapp APK info


Whatsapp is completely free.


The Developer is WhatsApp Inc.

Required Permissions

  • Device & app history
  • Identity
  • Contacts
  • Location
  • SMS
  • Phone
  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Storage
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Device ID & call information
  • Other

OS and Devices Availability

Whatsapp usage in the beginning was just with smartphones. but now Wahtsapp is available in multible devices and systems. for ex:

Any smartphone “Android, iOS, Windows phone and BlackBerry”

PC’s and Laptop

Smart Watches and Glasses Like Google Glasses

Any Device with internet browser can used to enter your whatsapp account through whatsapp web online service

And even more..

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