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What is Google Play

When you buy a new Android smartphone or tablet you always find some pre-installed apps on your device, which basically can be reinstalled as many times as needed from the device’s ROM. usually most of them can be found on Google Play Store, the official store for the Android operating system owned and managed by Google Inc. When you need some new fresh set of apps or games all you have to do is browse through Google Play Store using your browser to download and install the needed apps after entering your Google account information.

Of course another and much simpler way to get new Android apps is to download and install the Google Play Store app on your device, by doing that, you don’t have to enter your account info each time you download an app, and if you’re looking for some paid apps or games you can save your payment method information into the app and get paid apps with one click purchase.

Play Store provides a huge collection of Android apps, games, EBooks, and even movies. You can add any Application to your favorite list to be downloaded later when suitable mobile data plans or WiFi connections are available. All installed apps can be updated regularly using the Play Store app.

updating all your apps is available with one click or set theme to update automatically. Sometimes the usually pre-installed Play Store app faces some problems and can cause annoyance, that’s where the APK source file we provide at Zoba APK comes in handy.

With Zoba APK you can download the latest version of any app or game from our download page, and you can even find older versions for devices running older versions of Android.

Play Store provides some real useful reviews and info about the apps, the users comments and 5 stars rating system is perfect to give you a good summary, that isn’t all.

Even you can look at other similar suggested apps to choose from, and also check the developers of the app and their other work. Anyone can create and upload his own app or game to Google Play Store, but he needs a developer account first.

The question here is that: Do you really need Google play store? Sure.. Yes, and you can’t keep going without it if you have an Android enabled device, If you like the old versions of your apps, that is fine, but some apps will need to be uodated soon or later to fix some serious bugs, security issues, and performance. Zoba APK will always provide you with the latest and the best APK’s, at the same time we can’t underestimate the importance of Google Play Store as the most reliable and trustworthy app store online.


The Google Play APK info


Google play is completely free.


The Developer is Google inc.

Required Permissions

  • Identity
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Location
  • SMS
  • Phone
  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Storage
  • Microphone
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Device ID & call information
  • Other

OS and Devices Availability

Google play store is an android apps Market. it help you to direct install apps and games or buy the paid and install in your android device.

You can access google play by two ways which is:

  • Internet browsers and going to
  • Google play store app.

The supported devices are any devices with android system, this mean Any android smartphone, android tablet, android smart watches, android glasses and even PCs and laptops with android systems or android emulators software.

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Google Play Store
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Older Version’s Are not Available yet. We are working to upload new APKs and some apps and games latest and old versions. And this app older versions will be available as soon as possible very soon.

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