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What is Facebook

The Facebook APK is one of the most downloaded apps around the world. The app has all the options available on the Facebook website, which facilitates connectivity between people and their friends and acquaintances, and of course between all family members.

The Facebook app also has the option to notify the users when they receive any new comment, mention, and/or new post on their portable devices from friends, FB pages, and/or FB groups. Through the FB app you can check if one of your friends is currently online to be able to chat with them, or even voice or video chat with, but lately the FB released a separate app for the FB Messenger which must be downloaded and installed by its own.

The FB app can help you configure all your account settings including of course the important security configurations without the need to sign in into the FB website through your browser. One of the most important features available in the FB app is the ability to take a photo or a video with your device’s camera and instantly share it on your FB page publicly or with certain group of friends in a very easy and user friendly way.

The FB app certainly is not flawless, some bugs consistently exist on different OS’s, like for example on the Android version one cannot choose a certain person(s) from his list of friends to write a post that appear only to him/her/them, of course FB constantly updates their app to repair the bugs and improve the speed and efficiency of the service.


Facebook APK info


Facebook is completely free.


The Developer is Facebook company.

Required Permissions

We haven’t put permission’s because Facebook May Need access permission to everything in your Android mobile or tablet.

OS and Devices Availability

Facebook is a website. so you can access Facebook from any device connected to the internet with any internet browser. if not you can download facebook apps for:


Any smartphone “Android, iOS, Windows phone and BlackBerry”

PC’s and Laptop

Smart Watches and Glasses Like Google Glasses

And even more..

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